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The Rack Co. Wall Series - Bottle Neck First Center Frame Wall Mount Wine Bottle Rack + Free Wine Bottle Opener Corkscrew Included (6 Bottles)


  • DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY (6 bottles): the size of the wall mounted wine rack is 26” H x 9.5” W x 3.75” D. This wall mounted wine rack holds up to 6 bottles of Bordeaux style bottle (750ml, 13’’ L x 3-3/8’’ diameter. Do you need more storage for your wine cave? Consider adding multiple wall mounted wine racks from The Rack Co. wall mounted wine rack series to personalise and complete your installation.
  • STYLISH AND MINIMALIST DESIGN: this front view wall mounted metal wine rack provides a storage solution for a wide range of height and bottle size. Your wine bottles collection deserves to be easily displayed to impress your guests and start a good conversation around a glass of wine.
  • SPACE SAVING : Display your wine bottle collection neck first for an optimized wine cellar. The front view wall mounted wine rack allows more racks on a wall as opposed to a label view wall mounted rack. This front design is perfect for DIY projects in small spaces, like pantry or cabinet, but also for large wine cellar or wine room needing more storage space for larger wine bottle collection.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL AND PAINT: This neck first wall mounted wine rack is built with high quality steel and covered with industrial powder coat paint satin black finish to meet highest standards for residential or commercial utilisation. Each rod end is cover with a rubber tip that preserves the label from scratches.
  • INSTALLATION: This front view wall mounted wine rack is for DIYers and for professionals. The design of this wine rack provides easy and intuitive installation. Anybody with a screwdriver can install this space saving wall mounted wine rack in minutes. Transform any cabinet or pantry into a wine cellar.
  • HARDWARE: This modern wine storage option is easy-to-install on any wall of your home. Hardware for plasterboard and wood-backed wall are included. However, for an easier and safer installation, we suggest installing your front view wall mounted wine rack on a wood-backed wall.

Wine Bottle Rack

C$60.00 Regular Price
C$36.00Sale Price
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