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Lumbar Traction Bed, Portable Cervical Spine Traction Bed Body Stretching Massage Tool Cervical Spine Extension Device Improving Spine Posture Corrector 


  • 【Full Body Stretch】- This is a traction bed that achieves a full stretch. The cervical traction belt relieves cervical pain, the lumbar traction belt targets the lumbar region, and the ankle foot rest straightens the body.
  • 【Traction Time】- 20-30 minutes each time. No more than 2 times a day, 10-20 days for a course of treatment according to the course of the disease, to ensure the effect, eliminating acid and discomfort in the neck and waist.
  • 【Multifunctional Traction Bed】- Lumbar traction bed can be used for neck and lumbar traction, cervical traction, professional traction angle, more effective to improve cervical spondylosis, low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica and other diseases.
  • 【Easy to Use】- Small size, light weight, easy to operate, and the traction handle is integrated with the body to make storage easier. It is convenient for patients to perform self-traction treatment in home, office and other occasions.

Folding Lumbar Traction Massage Bed

C$133.00 Regular Price
C$93.00Sale Price
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