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Anycubic Kobra Neo


● LeviQ: 25-point Automatic Leveling System
● Integrated Extruder: Precise Filament Delivery
● High printing Speed: Maximum Printing Speed 100mm/s

  • One-touch Leveling
  • Equipped with the self-innovated Anycubic LeviQ automatic leveling system. 25-point intelligent and precise calibration and hardware algorithm to automatically compensate for the unevenness of hotbed, leveling has never been so easy.
  • Integrated Extruder for Precise Filament Extrusion
  • The extruder is integrated within the hot end, making it easier to replace the filament with a lower failure rate. Moreover, an integrated extruder can deliver the filament more efficiently and precisely.
  • Adhesive PEI Spring Steel Platform for Easy Removal

    The printing platform is made of magnetic spring steel, which is wear-resistant, less breakable, and bendable. The finished miniatures can be removed quickly by bending the build platform slightly. The magnetic design makes it easy to install and remove.

  • 10 Minutes Easy Set Up
    The 5-modular design makes it possible to set up the printer within 10 minutes, which makes Kobra Neo a good choice for a beginner-friendly FDM 3D printer.

  • High Printing Speed
    Anycubic Kobra Neo prints at a typical speed of 60mm/s and reaches 100mm/s at its highest, which is possible to speed up 3D printing times without losing quality.

  • Larger Creation Dimension

    Compared to the previous generation Anycubic Mega S, The Anycubic Kobra Neo has a 34.4% increase in printing volume to 12.1 liters. The printing size is 220*220*250 mm, which is equivalent to the size of a standard size 5 football.

  • Worry-free Smart Sensors

    The standard power outage resuming sensor and the optional filament run-out sensor reduce filament waste and save time by avoiding the printing failure caused by the power outage and lack of filament.

  • Knobs for Easy Adjustment

    The knobs of the XY axis belt-tensioner make it easy to adjust the string tightness. No additional tools are required, just with your hands.


Anycubic Kobra Neo

C$217.00 Regular Price
C$130.00Sale Price
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