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ZIPEAK Outdoor Heater - Patio Heater - Outdoor heaters for patios - IPX5 Waterproof 1500W Infrared heater for Indoor and Outdoor Use (Black volcano)


  • ADD A WARM ATMOSPHERE TO YOUR HOME: Outdoor heater is exquisitely crafted and IPX5 is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. patio heater provides instant heat in just 3 seconds, no more waiting in the cold air, will add warmth to your cold space and this will be perfect for those cool evenings in spring and fall.
  • WHISPERING AND QUIET COMPANION: When electric heater uses carbon fiber infrared heat pipes, it is quiet and silent like air. There is no loud fan motor sound, no carbon burning sound, no toxic by-products, no open flame...only clean air! For good temperature in courtyards, balconies, terraces, lawns, gardens, decks, front porches, living rooms, games rooms, and lounges. It is also a great gift for family (Christmas day) and friends.
  • SAFE PROTECTIVE BARRIER: Patio heater has the functions of tipping protection and overheating protection. The product has a built-in dump switch, if the heater tip over 45°left and right, over 60°front and over 30°back, the heater will automatically shut down.our outdoor heater will be turned off when it reaches 212℉, so you can enjoy warmth in ultimate safety. Greatly reduces the risk of overheating during deep sleep.
  • SIMPLE TO USE AND OPERATE: Space heater's 360° Omnidirectional Heating, the maximum 6.6-foot(2 meters) patio heater emits heat in all directions, heater can be easily moved around, giving you heat wherever you need it. It doesn't take up much space and is super easy to use, just slick of the switch and it gives you warmth.
  • ENERGY SAVING AND HIGH EFFICIENCY: ZIPEAK outdoor heater especially suitable for semi-enclosed space, the temperature can be well maintained without feeling too high and temperature loss. Thanks to the higher efficiency and precise heating, it can save about 40% to 60% of the electricity cost.

Outdoor heaters for patios

C$210.00 Regular Price
C$105.00Sale Price
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