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The Klunker. What is it? A beautiful, retro-inspired, mash-up of: part beach cruiser, part mountain bike, and part BMX. The perfect “DGAF” bike, for neighborhood cruises, trips to the corner store, and walking the dog….OR… if you’re feeling audacious, mount up and rip a trail. The SBC Klunker has the durable wheels, frame, and handlebars of a BMX bike, with ground-eating mountain bike tires, so mount up and rip a trail if you are feeling audacious. It is the ultimate all-purpose bicycle. Think of all the advantages: Simplicity. No gears to shift. No derailleurs or cables to adjust and maintain. 27.5” wheels for easy rolling and 2.3” WTB knobby tires** for durability and traction. The Klunker has a coaster brake. Nothing could be simpler, more durable, and maintenance-free. The Klunker has a comfortable, upright seating position. The Klunker is provided with flat pedals. Ride with any shoes, even sandals. Order your Klunker with optional LED lights, pedal straps, water bottle cage, and bike lock. The bottle opener is standard! ** some models may ship with CST Patrol 2.4" tires due to availability. (not pictured). All these features make the Klunker a practical commuter bike. But the SBC Klunker is downright cool and turns heads. It is totally awesome and minimalist at the same time! The State Bicycle Klunker is built to take a beating and look good while doing it. It will never let you down. The Klunker will deliver more smiles per mile than any other bike. It’s the most bike and fun you can buy for under $500.00. Details: Sized for riders 5'5" to 6'3" Frame: Durable Steel Frame & Fork w/ 5 Year Warranty Handlebars: BMX Style V-bar with 7" rise, 30” extra-wide with Vans Grips Wheels: Extra Durable 36h BMX Style Rim w/ 2.3" WTB Mountain Bike Tires** Saddle: Retro-style Leatherette Comfort Saddle Gear: 42t Crank with 22t Coaster Style Cog for cruising Brakes: Coaster Brake - Just Pedal Backwards Pedals: Flat MTB Style Platform Pedals Extras: Bottle Opener Included


C$586.56 Regular Price
C$420.69Sale Price
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