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DATOU BOSS Infrared Paint Curing Lamp 1000W Shortwave Infrared Heat Lamp for Car Body Repair Paint Curing Systems,IR Lamp for Paint Tools,Portable Infrared Paint Curing Lamp,Heat Lamps for Paint Booth


  • 【CURING AREA】The infrared paint baking lamp can solidify 300*150mm (11.8*5.9 in), and the working temperature can reach 60-80¡ãC (140-176¡ãF). Equipped with a powerful 1000W shortwave infrared lamp, which can make heat flow back through conduction coating.
  • 【SHORTWAVE INFRARED HEATING】 Shortwave infrared has high luminous efficiency and strong penetrating power.Anti-interference. High thermal efficiency penetrates the paint layer, drying from the inside out, Therefore, the surface gloss of the paint is high and the coating adhesion is strong.Greatly reduce wrinkles and tears and avoiding rework.
  • 【HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION PERFORMANCE】The infrared paint curing lamp is made of aluminum alloy, the front uses aluminum alloy mesh, and the back uses aluminum alloy sheet with countless small holes, which greatly enhances the heat dissipation function and effectively improves the service life.
  • 【VARIOUS APPLICATION】The infrared curing heating lamps are widely used in the auto spray paint room, local paint drying, drying putty, car spray baking booth, and it is the ideal paint tool for spot repairs, engine drying, adhesive stripe removal, drying filler, drying primer or just preheating prior to spraying.
  • 【VINYL CAR Wrap Baking】The car paint baking lamp can be widely use in the baking of automotive carbon fiber packaging film, to personalize the appearance of your car

Infrared Paint Curing Lamp 1000W

C$102.00 Regular Price
C$61.00Sale Price
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