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High-Reach Duster Kit: Make any home or office dust free. Includes extendable telescoping pole and dusters; cobweb duster, microfiber feather duster, and flex-and-stay ceiling fan duster Scratch Free Microfiber: Clean bookshelves, bookcases, pianos, chandeliers and other light fixtures, rafters, window sills mantles, the extended pole makes nothing out of reach Washable Attachments: Both microfiber feather duster and ceiling fan duster feature removable components for easy washing; rinse in water and detergent DocaPole Included: The high-quality, long-handle and light-weight aluminum extension pole features a solid metal tip + a screw-on 180 degree hinge tip

DocaPole 20 Foot Reach Dusting Kit with 5-12 Ft Extension Pole

C$89.00 Regular Price
C$45.00Sale Price
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