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Fully-electric Delta Ultra-Light 1000 hospital bed is strong, comfortable, and economical!
What sets this bed apart?
The Drive Medical Delta Ultra-Light 1000, 15033, fully-electric hospital bed is a lightweight, easy-to-use bed that provides the comfort and support you need.

A fully-electric hospital bed like this one is lets you adjust the height of the bed with the push of a button. Its new and improved hand pendant has large, easy-to-use controls making it easy for the patient to adjust the bed him or herself without the need for the caregiver to do it. It has two separate motors that control the head and foot sections of the bed, so you can find the perfect position for sleeping, reading, or watching TV.

The bed features a split-frame design that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, as well as a built-in power cord management system that keeps your cords out of the way. The casters make it easy to move the bed around your home.

Delta Full Electric Hospital Bed Frame 15033 by Drive

C$1,730.00 Regular Price
C$800.00Sale Price
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