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IRONWALLS 9LBS 5GPM Commercial Grease Traps Interceptor, Side Inlet Stainless Steel Grease Interceptor, Under Sink Grease Trap Oil-Water Separator for Home Kitchen, Restaurant, Cafe, Factory


  • 【Product Specification】Overall dimensions of IRONWALLS grease trap : 15" x 9.8" x 9.8" ( L x W x H). Mesh Filter Basket: 6.69”x4.8”x4.72”. Wastewater Inlet Diameter: 1.77". Water Outlet Diameter: 1.77". Water Outlet Valve Diameter: 1.18”. Grease Outlet Valve Diameter: 0.98".
  • 【Large Capacity & High Efficiency】The capacity of this waste water interceptor is 9lbs and the flow rate can be up to 5 gallon per minute, which is suitable for commercial home kitchen, petroleum, chemical, oil field, shipbuilding, port and municipal engineering industries, catering industry, etc.
  • 【Advanced 3 Steps Fractional Filtration Technology】Wastewater flows into the grease trap from the sink, the fats, oils, and grease will rise to the surface and be collected between the baffles. The water will sink and flow from the bottom of the tee filter pipe to the next section. Food particles and grease are kept in the device. The removable filter basket can easily remove the solid residual waste. The side outlet valve helps to take out any liquid for future clean up when needed.
  • 【Upgraded Separation & Discharge Design】This upgraded version oil-water separator is designed with tee filter pipe, which highly improves the filtering effect. Oil floating on the surface, the water flows from the bottom of the pipe to the next section. Newly added water outlet valve near the bottom of the wastewater separator for drain out all of the filter water, easy for you to clean up the sediment, oil, or sludge inside the water tank.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】 Connect the pipe of the sinks and dishwasher to the Grease Trap grease inlet. Make sure to place it on a flat floor. Ideal for kitchen, restaurant, factory, school, or small sink or dishwasher applications. Please note that this product is suitable for the treatment of oily water of mineral oil, animal oil, vegetable oil, mixed oil, and various emulsified oils with a high-efficient oil-water separation effect. Please clean up the water tank at least 2-3 times a month.

Commercial Grease Traps Interceptor

C$154.00 Regular Price
C$92.00Sale Price
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