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UBRAVOO Bedside Sleeping Crib, Height Adjustable Breathable Mesh Window Baby Cradles for Newborn Toddler, Folding Bassinet Side Sleeper Travel Cot with Washable Mattress and Storage Bag (Gray)


  • SAFETY ABOVE ALL: Special safety belts ensure a stable connection between the children's bed and the parents' bed. Height lock prevents automatic change of height. The ability to tilt the bed often makes it easier for the child to fall asleep.
  • Adjustable Heights: Adjustable to heights of 29.52"-31.5" measured from floor to top of bassinet, it’s suitable for varying bed heights. In addition, retractable feet of 22.4"-24.4" allow for use with all beds including box beds. It adopts environmentally friendly water transfer printing technology to create the grain, no mold, no odor, easy to clean.
  • Silent Wheels with Brakes: The silent wheels make it easy to move from room to room without taking the baby out of this crib. Imagine that you coax the baby to sleep in living room but you have to transfer your little one to bedroom for a dimmer environment. But remember: at night, you shall keep it in place by pressing on the brakes of all wheels.
  • Mesh Windows & Incline Position: Mesh windows help you easily keep an eye on your baby when your baby sleeping in the baby bedside crib, as well as provide healthy air circulations. And the incline adjustment can effectively prevent the baby from refluxing to ensure a good night sleep and baby's healthy growth.
  • Every Moment Together Counts: Ubravoo is devoted to planning fun activities when our products are in use, which helps you create a meaningful family moment and enhance the love and bond between newborns and parents. Your baby dreams in his/her own roomy airy space while sharing bedroom with you, you just play with him/her. With a little bit of effort, you can turn bonding into a lifetime of funny,

Bedside Sleeping Crib

C$180.00 Regular Price
C$108.00Sale Price
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