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Baby Gate Pressure Mounted Walk Through 33.86-38.58 Inch Auto Close Tension White Metal Child Pet Safety Gates for Stairs

  • Pressure mounted baby gate will auto close when handle released, open from both sides.The extra wide pet gate includes a Hold Open feature to keep the gate openand easily walk through without always opening and closing.
  • Our auto close metal baby gate makes from sleek steel,which is larger diameter and more durable. Makes the tall and wide pressure mount gate enough sturdy to bear the impact of 180 pounds! This pet gate is excellent way limit your pets access to some parts of your home or keep your baby safe, while maintaining a modern appearance match with your decor. It's perfect for your home!
  • Your curious crawlers will be "blocked" by the safety extra wide baby gate because we design the double-lock safety release which makes it difficult for toddlers to open the gate ,but adults can operate with one hand and pass quickly

Baby Gate 33.86-38.58" Wide

C$140.00 Regular Price
C$85.00Sale Price
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