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36" Exercise Foam Roller for Fitness. Yoga, Back Pain, Massage. High Density Long Foam Roller (36 inch)


  • FOAM ROLLERS FOR MUSCLES – Higher density foam roller for physical therapy, warm-up before exercise or myofascial release after exercise. Great for yoga, Pilates and deep tissue massage. Release muscle tightness and tension.
  • INJURY PREVENTION & RECOVERY – Using a foam roller before or after exercise can help reduce injury. Foam rolling can help improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension. A perfect tool to help with stretching, flexibility, muscle strengthening, core strengthening and balance. Excellent toolt to help relieve back tightness or soreness
  • HIGH DENSITY, EPP FIRM FOAM ROLLER – Molded polypropylene foam won’t lose it’s shape and can support up to 300 lbs. Smooth surface, lightweight and anti slip. Our foam roller is durable, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • 4 SIZES AVAILABLE – 36 inches, 24 inches, 15 inches or 12 inches. All sizes have a 6” diameter. Ideal for yoga, therapy, exercise, core workouts, home gym, travel, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, IT band work and relieving tight and sore muscles.

36" Exercise Foam Roller for Fitness

C$40.00 Regular Price
C$24.00Sale Price
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