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Delta® Classic 500™ Alcove Shower Systems are designed for long-lasting performance with innovative features that make life simpler – from installation on day one to every day after. Select shower bases and coordinating shower walls in a variety of designs and configurations to customize your space. Add a Delta shower — available in an array of styles and finishes — for a curated look from top to bottom. You can install with confidence, knowing that our showering products come with a comprehensive warranty. We also provide help when you need it. Delta products are backed by exceptional service and support you can count on. Built-in shelves provide generous storage space, making it easy to keep bathing essentials organized Accessory ledge at the top of the wall provides secure storage for rings, razors and other items, helping to keep them beyond children’s reach and out of the general splash zone 3-piece wall set design (back wall and two side walls) is easy to transport and install Pairs exclusively with Delta® Classic 500™ 32" x 32" Shower Base (B12135-3232-WH, sold separately) Bright white, acrylic surface is durable and easy to clean Caulkless design simplifies installation and reduces the risk of leaks Direct-to-stud installation with built-in nailing flanges creates a secure, long-lasting connection to the wall With no rough fiberglass backing, material is easy to handle

32"X32" Classic 500 Shower Wall In High Gloss White

C$539.00 Regular Price
C$270.00Sale Price
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