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30 in. Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood with Self-Clean Changeable LED in Stainless Steel

Tired of dealing with range hoods that only blow around odors and fumes. The traditional under cabinet hood lacks the suction power needed to whisk away dangerous cooking fumes, smoke, and unpleasant smells. If you've ever smelled last night's dinner on your way to the kitchen the next morning, you know what we mean. Home cooks have settled for mediocre range hoods for too long, having to open kitchen doors and windows to get rid of fumes. The low maintenance care means you can spend more time enjoying your meal and the company of friends and family. Why waste hours scrubbing grease off your cabinets, backsplash, and walls. Suck away grease particles before they damage your kitchen with top-of-the-line motors. When it comes time to clean your unit, a quick wipe down of the screen, removable panel, and body will do. Best of all, our steam clean technology protects your motor by dissolving grease inside the stainless steel range hood. Then, a thorough water cleansing process finishes things off- with no water line required. This function protects your motor and extends its lifespan to ensure years of top-notch performance. You won't have to worry about gunk inside your under cabinet range hood collecting over time and falling into your food. You'll also enjoy better performance from your range hood as there's no grease build-up left to stick on and slow down the hood's motor. Contemporary clean design with touch screen panel digital clock and full stainless steel body Powerful dual motors keep things humming and your kitchen smelling fresh ideal for heavy-duty cooking methods including heat and smoke, boiling, steaming, poaching, braising, frying, searing, and sauteing Balance of power and noise with 6-speed settings Innovative steam clean function dissolves even the toughest caked-on grease and extends the life of the motor, no water line required Low-maintenance: unit body and screen require only a wipe-down cleaning, panel is removable and can be wiped down as well LED lights with GU10 bulbs can be easily swapped out for another color temperature to match your kitchen lighting, find the bulbs at any local hardware store Fits 6 in. round duct, easy under the cabinet install, fits standard 30 in. cabinets perfectly Includes: stainless steel oil tray (1), water tray (1), panel (1), and 6 in. round exhaust adapter (1)

30 in. Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood with Self-Clean Changeable LED

C$750.00 Regular Price
C$375.00Sale Price
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